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There is a Cayman phone line in all units, Line 1. Local calling is permitted but international calling is barred on the Cayman line 1. You can receive local and international calls on line 1. All units also have VOIP on Line2 that acts like a normal phone but uses the internet. You can use Line 2 to call Canada or the US for FREE and this line will also receive calls. Note: as the VOIP line acts like a number in the US & Canada it is generally significantly less money for friends and family (and call forwarding purposes) to call this number versus calling a Cayman number. Please remember that Line2 is VOIP and dependent on the internet so you may want to give out both numbers and ask persons trying to contact you to try the Line2 option first but also give them Line1 as a backup in case the internet is down and it is an emergency to reach you.

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