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Camana Bay is the Caribbean’s premier shopping destination located in the Cayman Islands. This vibrant town centre offers a variety of shops, restaurants, services, and entertainment. Camana Bay is perfect for a day of shopping and leisure, with stores offering luxury clothing, jewelry, shoes, and accessories for both men and women. There is also a selection of specialty and gourmet shops, as well as a selection of bookstores and art galleries. For those looking for a bite to eat, Camana Bay has over 30 restaurants and cafes offering a variety of cuisines from around the world. The town center also has a movie theater and fitness options. With its stunning architecture, lush landscaping, and stunning views of the Caribbean sea, Camana Bay is the perfect place to spend a day shopping, dining, and exploring. 

From Camana Bay you can now take a ferry to the other side of the island to Rum Point and Kaibo, I STRONGLY recommend both and while you are there make sure to have a mudslide while you are at each.

Below is the ferry schedule- make sure to pre-purchase tickets 

There is a path near Cayman Reef Resort that you can access Camana Bay directly. As you exit our resort, go left to the cross walk and once you cross the road you can follow the path right into Camana Bay only needing to cross the two roads (one at the start and one at the end of the path)

Fun Facts about Camana Bay!

  1. The firm responsible for lighting the Mona Lisa after it was reinstalled in the Louvre, L’Observatoire International, were also designed to create the lighting for Camana Bay!
  2. The mosaic in the Observation Tower mimics the experience of scuba diving Little Cayman’s famous Bloody Bay Wall, with the first level representing the ocean floor and the top reminiscent of the sun peeking through the water’s surface. It also features a double-helix staircase based on a design by Leonardo da Vinci.
  3. The Bubble Bench in Jasmine Court glows at night in azure blue, bright orange and deep sea green colours creating a sense of water ripples and air bubbles rising from the sea. These bubble benches are the only ones in the world.
  4. A model of Camana Bay was tested in a wind tunnel in Toronto to ensure the town’s orientation benefitted from the cool island breezes.
  5. The Camana Bay courtyards are named after the jasmine, gardenia, canella, heliconia and cassia plants, and have distinctly different personalities through their planting scheme and water features.
  6. There are two small, lifelike blue iguanas hidden around the Paseo in Camana Bay, paying homage to the endangered species of iguana that’s endemic to the island of Grand Cayman.

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