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Cayman Reef Resort Tennis and Pickleball Court General Rules

General Rules for Tennis & Pickleball Court

  1. Owners, Tenants and Qualified Persons (QP) are permitted on the Court.  QP is any person playing tennis or pickleball with Owners or Tenants.
  2. No more than 4 persons can play on the Court. No more than 6 persons may be inside the Court fenced area, either as observers or rotating players.
  3. The Court may only be used for tennis or pickleball. No cycling, skating, roller blading, basketball, group exercise/yoga classes or other uses are permitted.
  4. No machines or mechanical equipment are allowed inside the court fences, except automatic tennis ball or pickleball feeders.
  5. An adult (18 years or older) must accompany children under 10 years old.
  6. The Court shall be open 7 days per week from 7 AM to 11 PM.
  7. Persons visiting premises, including tennis court, must always be accompanied by owners or tenants they are visiting.

General Rules for CRR Scheduling Website

  1. To reserve the Court, Owners shall register on CRR Scheduling Website (CRR SW),  If Owner is renting unit, Owner shall advise Tenant how to reserve Court using CRR SW.  All Court reservations must be made using the CRR SW.  No other Court reservations are allowed.  The CRR Manager can assist with the CRR SW.
  2. Maximum Court reservation time is up to 90-minute blocks either per unit owned or unit rented per day.  Reservations may not be consecutive unless at the end of the first block the Court is available.
  3. Court reservations may be booked 96 hours in advance.
  4. Court reservations cannot be made for others who are not an Owner or a Tenant at CRR.
  5. A Court reservation booked on CRR SW has preference over any person occupying the Court without a Court reservation.  If the Court reservation players do not arrive within 20 minutes of their start time, the Court reservation is forfeited to the waiting player who can then reserve the Court on the CRR SW before the reserving player arrives.

General Rules for Enforcement

  1. The CRR Manager may eject from the Court any player without a CRR SW reservation and disqualify any reservations not in compliance with these Rules.
  2. Within a 12-month period, if a player violates these Rules the following shall be imposed:
    1. After 2 times, a Warning and a CI$50 Fine.
    2. After 3 times, a 1-Week Suspension and a CI$100 Fine.
    3. After 4 times, a 1-Month Suspension and a CI$150 Fine.
    4. After 5 or more times, a 12-Month Suspension and a CI$200 Fine.