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WORK IN PROGRESS – Last updated January 2023

To contact Marc Hubert for questions,

please email or call +1 (905) 928-1661 from Line 2 in the condo.

This document is not intended to cover everything about Cayman Islands. Our objective is to help answer the most common questions we get as hosts regarding both Cayman Islands and mainly about our condos. These pages contain the most common questions and answers from previous guests.  If you have any additional questions, comments and/or recommendations you feel future guests could benefit from, please email me and I will be glad to respond and include them in future versions of this document. This document is for reference only and the information may become obsolete without notice.

US money is accepted everywhere on island, but you will receive your change in CI funds.  ATMs are also found throughout the island.  The exchange is $1.00 KYD = $1.25 USD.  Almost everywhere prices are in CI dollars (KYD), but some tour operators price in USD funds, be sure to ask.  And many restaurants also include gratuity in their bills.

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There is a front office, but it is for managing the grounds and emergencies. If you have questions about the condo, what to do or need help in general, please contact Marc directly via phone or email.

Digicel and Lime offer Pay-As-You-Go sim cards starting at $10 but averaging $25 for the week. Rates and options vary depending on your choices, but if you want to stay connected this option is generally significantly cheaper. Just make sure your cell phone is unlocked, if not, you can probably buy an inexpensive unlocked phone at home for $50 to bring along. Alternatively, if your phone supports eSims, there are many options online to purchase a package.

Note: we also have a North American landline in the condo with FREE calling and many guests just call forward their cells to our North American line in the condo.

There is a Cayman phone line in all units, Line 1. Local calling is permitted but international calling is barred on the Cayman line 1. You can receive local and international calls on line 1. All units also have VOIP on Line2 that acts like a normal phone but uses the internet. You can use Line 2 to call Canada or the US for FREE and this line will also receive calls. Note: as the VOIP line acts like a number in the US & Canada it is generally significantly less money for friends and family (and call forwarding purposes) to call this number versus calling a Cayman number. Please remember that Line2 is VOIP and dependent on the internet so you may want to give out both numbers and ask persons trying to contact you to try the Line2 option first but also give them Line1 as a backup in case the internet is down and it is an emergency to reach you.

Yes, we have WiFi in all units. You must bring a device to use SKYPE and have your own account.


Yes, we provide four in the 1bed units and six in the 3bed units.

We are located at 497 West Bay Road, directly across from Wendy’s.

Yes, all units have WiFi and the password is go2beach which is also located in your welcome package. We also have WiFi on the beach and the login info is SSID: CaymanReefResort and PSWD: caymanreef497

This will depend if we have guests departing the morning of your arrival. If we do, the cleaning staff will need the 5 hours to get the unit ready for you. Feel free to drop bags off at the condo anytime after 1:00pm, and then head out to do your grocery shopping and/or lunch to give the staff enough time to get the condo ready.

This will depend if we have another guest arriving later that day. If we do, you will need to depart by 11am as the cleaning staff must begin by 11am to be ready for the next guest. If nobody is coming, we are happy to extend your check out time. This needs to be arranged with Marc at least 24 hours prior to departure to change the cleaning schedule.

Yes, the kitchen has all the tools. For a specific list, refer to the Neeed2Know document for a detailed inventory. If anything should be added, please let us know so we can add it for future stays.

No, we only provide an LCD screen, KB and mouse that you can connect to your device via HDMI and USB.

Office Supply in the plaza behind the gas station do this service starting from $0.25/pg emailed to

Taking the garbage out is the big one, it can start to smell very quickly, especially after you leave and the A/C is off and the maid runs a bit behind. If you can pile sheets and towels in a central spot ( in front of the washer & dryer in the 1beds or under the mirror at the base of the stairs in the 3bed) would be great. And last, please make sure the patio doors are locked and that you lock the top dead bolt on the front door when leaving.

No, they are for reference. Our maids check them before and after your stay, however should you notice something missing, like the TV when you walk in, please contact us immediately. Some guests run through the inventory just to ensure nothing is missing so they aren’t surprised later in the week if they planned to use something they assumed would be in the condo.

The power is the same as in the US & Canada. If traveling from Europe you will need adapters for a 110V system.

Yes, the water out of the tap is safe to drink. And unit 56 ONLY has a RO system from the tap on the right of the sink as well as the water from the fridge.

There is a big dumpster at the complex entrance, please place bags in the dumpster. Please do not leave garbage bags outside the door on the walkways, even if only for a few minutes. This is against the Strata rules and we will be fined $50.

Yes, Cayman has started to recycle, you will see some additional containers next to the dumpster.

We mop before every guest arrives. The salt air creates a thin film as it settles and a few days into your trip you will notice your feet getting dirty from the floors. A light mop will address this, but you almost need to mop daily to avoid this.

All our mattresses are Serta iComfort memory foam mattresses. They feel soft at first, but after a night’s sleep you realize that they contour to your body and support you properly. Firm where you need it and soft where it counts. I have had a bad back for many years and these exact mattresses are what I have at home and been using with great success.

Short answer, yes. This is how these devices work with voice control. If you are concerned about this, please press the mute button on the device and a red ring will appear indicating the microphone has now been disabled and Alexa can no longer hear you. Please choose this option over unplugging the device as the next guest may not be aware the unit was unplugged.

All 1bed units are showers ONLY and the 3bed has a tub/shower combo on the second floor and shower only on the main floor.

No, and persons with mobility issues will find our complex challenging as we have a few steps on each end of the buildings. The 1beds are ground floor and the 3beds are on the second floor with an additional staircase inside the actual unit to reach the bedrooms.

Please check the Need2Know file for your unit and under the kitchen section it will indicate the type of filter. Additionally, each unit has a Keurig.

We provide starter supplies to get you going for a few days. If you are staying longer, please buy additional supplies at the grocery store. If you need laundry detergent, please purchase HE detergent. Aside from general cleaning items, we provide bar soap & hand soap, no shampoo or toothpaste.

Not included in the rental price, but we can arrange additional services for a fee. Call Elizabeth, her number is on the fridge.

The unit is exclusively yours to enjoy, however we do have quarterly HVAC maintenance and pest control. Both services will have notices issued in advance and the complex manager can escort the service personnel in & out for the 5 min service call if you are not home. It is not necessary for you to be home during these service sunless you prefer to be.


There are a few fitness facilities nearby. World Gym and Anytime Fitness are a few minutes walking warm-up away. Rates ranging from $60 per week to $150 per month and options in between.

Yes, we have a tennis court for exclusive use by owners and guests. We supply tennis rackets but we DO NOT supply tennis balls, however, often there will be some tennis balls from previous players left in the units. Please see your email package for how to schedule time and access the courts.

Our tennis court has pickleball lines painted on the court

Yes, across the road in the Marquee plaza is Bliss Living Yoga offering different packages that even fit a one week schedule.


Yes, contact Elizabeth or (345) 326-4050 (WhatsApp is preferred) and she can pick up your groceries & alcohol and have them put away in the unit for your arrival for a cost of $50 service plus your purchases. She will leave receipt(s) in an envelope on the counter and you can place cash inside and leave on counter so she can come collect the envelope within 24hrs of your arrival.

There are two main grocery stores nearby. From the condo, Foster’s (IGA) is east in Camana Bay about a ½ mile and Kirks is south less than a mile. We usually walk there and depending how much we buy take a cab back. If you plan to walk home, maybe take the cooler with you to keep the cold stuff cool. Foster’s is open from Mon – Sat 6:30am – 10:00pm, Closed on Sundays, Christmas Day, New Years Day and Good Friday. Open on Public Holidays from 9:00am – 6:00pm. Foster’s will also deliver and you can order online at or get the Freshop App (green f).

Yes, there is a Cost-U-Less to buy items in bulk and it is 2 miles north. It can be walked in 30 min but you will probably need a car or taxi for this one assuming you will be bringing lots back with you.

There is a local fish market right as you enter George Town. Best time to go is usually late morning to early afternoon to catch the boats returning from their morning outing. Don’t go too early.

Directly across the street is Tortuga Fine Wine & Spirits in West Shore Plaza that sells beer, wine and spirits.

Both Foster’s & Kirks offers a wide variety of options.

Most of the non-fast-food restaurants will go through great lengths to cater to your requests. Just be sure to explain in detail what you want.

Almost all the restaurants welcome children and have great food, especially those listed below.

For restaurants, we personally enjoy;
$$ (the first two work well for young kids and are less than a 5 minute walk)
Chicken Chicken (across the street)
Cimboco (across the street to the right, just past the lights)
Burger Shack (across the street to the right, just past the lights)
A La Kabob (across the street to the right, just past the lights)
Ragazzi Ristorante & Pizzeria ***Our personal favourite restaurant on the entire island***
The Brooklyn
Casa 43 Mexican Kitchen and Tequila Bar
Pappagallo’s Ristorante
Sunset Cruise by RedSail (more about experience than the food)
The Falls Steakhouse
Calyso Grill
Reef Grill
The Wharf
Grand Old House

Great ideas for breakfast
The Waterfront

Dessert in Camana Bay is always a success. With a Häagen-Dazs and an authentic gelato shop. Or how about even a frosty at Wendy’s across the road. We also have a new ice cream shop 1 minute to the right as you exit our complex.

The list is endless and new restaurants opening all the time, check out

They will not let you bring meat, fruits and vegetables into the island.

No, but our units have private electric BBQs on their balconies.

No, it is moderate to expensive here on the island.

Note: When traveling to the Cayman Islands from the United States, each person 18 years or over is allowed to bring in EITHER 1 liter of spirits (rum, vodka, etc) OR one case of beer OR 4 liters of wine, without having to pay duty. You must declare it on your Customs form upon entering the country, but you will not have to pay duty on it, if you do not exceed those limits. What’s nice is that if you are traveling as a family, you only have to fill out one Customs form. On that form, you can just list the total alcohol that your family is bringing in, and as long as you don’t exceed the limits for the total of the people in your family who are 18 and over, you’ll be fine.

Grounds & Beach

Yes, at no additional charge we have lots of loungers but only limited umbrellas at the beach and pool. If the umbrellas are already taken, we do provide two umbrellas in the unit for your personal use. Please bring them back in every night. We provide a bigger wooden unit as well as a smaller aluminum unit. If the loungers are running low, the staff have likely stacked extras around the side of the buildings or under the stairs to protect them from the elements. Just ask if you cannot find them.

No, they are on a first come first serve basis. We realize some may be reserving early in the morning with towels, but the complex manager is trying to address this and we would prefer we adhere to the rules. This is why we have provided our own umbrellas to ensure you always have something.

No, it is against the law.

No, we are trying to relocate them and feeding them brings them from neighbouring properties.

We do not stock floaties, but many guests tend to leave some behind in the unit or there is a closet down at the beach (just behind the shower on the north side) that has some. We cannot guarantee that these items are there as the salt & sun quickly deteriorate these items but you can also buy them at the local grocery store if needed.

The sand toys tend to fluctuate. Sometimes we have lots, because previous guests have left some behind, and other times there are only a few sand toys. Sometimes the toys are left under the sand and lost at sea. Shovels seem to be the ones that disappear the most. I would suggest bringing a small pack of sand toys to be safe. Feel free to leave them for the next group if you do not want to take them back home with you – they will be appreciated.

Yes, we have our share of bugs but they are primarily out at dusk and dawn. We have mosquitos, no-seeums and sandflies that can be managed if you adjust your schedule, clothing and/or use of repellent during these times.

Yes, beaches are all public up to the high-water mark level. This is the level up to where the waves roll up to.


The official Cayman Island currency is CI dollars at a fixed exchange rate of $1.25 USD to $1.00 CI. You can pay in USD funds, but you will get back CI equivalent. Major credit cards are also accepted (in USD) at most places.

An ATM is located directly across the street and in most areas that are busy (ie grocery store, Camana Bay, gas stations, etc).

Elizabeth’s number is on the fridge. Contact her and she can help you find a sitter.


Yes. If calling from any of the units, YOU MUST USE LINE 1 for 911. Line 2 is a VOIP service and it will not work.

Yes, the last thing I want to do is put a damper on your holiday, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Cayman Islands is one of the safest islands in the world, but if the opportunity exists, you will always have individuals who take advantage of unsuspecting guests. The condo has an alarm system. We have installed security pins (brown doors ONLY, white doors do not have pins as the locking system does not require pins) for all the patio doors and we have a dead bolt on the front door. I can provide an alarm code upon request, but I strongly urge you to ensure that the patio doors are locked and dead bolt is engaged when out of the unit and overnight. On a positive note, I have been going to Cayman since mid 90’s, and visit many times a year, and have never had any issues, but I have always practiced what I have noted above.

Yes, all condos have an alarm and we can provide a code at your request. When we personally stay in the condo, we do not use the alarm code. It was primarily installed to be used when the condos are vacant to take advantage of the smart home features it has..

Absolutely not. Drugs are not tolerated and it is an offense that can lead to imprisonment. Marijuana is not legal in Cayman Islands.

Yes, seat belts are mandatory.

Note: Please comply with Marine Laws, everything stays in the ocean and do not feed the fish. It is against the law to feed the fish.

To Do

Divers Supply is directly across the street and offer a list of items to rent starting at $10/day (mask & fins). I would suggest buying a set @ home and bring it with you for significantly less money if planning a few outings.

Right off our beach the snorkeling is good, but if you want great snorkeling, try Eden Rock down in George Town (the non-snorkelers can sit and relax at Paradise Beach Bar directly on the ocean) or head the other way to Cemetery beach.

There are two options, one directly across from the turtle farm and the other is not much further away. Both can be busy and recommended you book well in advance if traveling during the busy seasons like winter and Christmas.

In Cayman we have lots of great shore dives as well as boat dives. For shore dives, Eden Rock in George Town is really good as well there are two more north of us at Macabucca and Lighthouse Point and all three have onsite dive shops that you rent equipment from. For boat dives and certifications, I use Cayman Diving (tell them Marc sent you for a 10% discount) and I am always adding to my certifications (it almost cost the same to get a certification as it does to just do some boat dives).

You can book at Captain Marvin’s.

For Stingray City, you have lots of options ranging from going in a group with rates running approx. $49-$99pp (kids are usually less) with a tour operator like Captain Marvin’s or you can even book private tours with them starting at $800 & up. You can try Shelene at who mostly does fishing trips but do have some options for stingray City. Hint – do not leave this until the end as your trip as weather can delay your trip and if near the end you may miss out altogether.

It is a very neat experience. They have observation tanks where you can look and even hold the turtles. They also have two swimming options. One is a chlorinated pool that looks like a lagoon with a water fall and walk in beach area. The other is a salt water lagoon with tropical fish in the lagoon. In the centre of both swim areas is a shark tank, you can dive under and see the sharks underwater from either side, they are divided by a pane of glass. You can get within a few inches of a shark without really being in the same water. Pictures underwater here can make it look like you are swimming with the sharks ☺. Note: for a smaller turtle experience, walk down the beach to the Marriott, four or five complexes towards George Town, and they have a pond with turtles in their court yard. We did this with our kids while they were really young.

I have not personally gone, but many of our guests have used Spirit of the West and Pampered Ponies and we have had positive feedback.

There are many options. Take a look through some of the magazines to see what is happening. You may also want to take a walk to Camana Bay (nice in the day too). They have stores, restaurants, movie theatres, ice cream shop, book store and lots of nice stuff to see. Make sure you check out the tower.

Cayman is a slower island, but still, plenty to keep you busy if visiting for a week or two. Check out for some ideas. Our short list in no particular order would be;

  • Stingray City
  • Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Shopping
  • Camana Bay
  • Annual Events
  • Cayman Turtle Farm & Boatswain’s Beach
  • Boat Tour or Charter
  • Watersports
  • Deep Sea Fishing
  • Horseback Riding
  • Golfing
  • Cayman Crystal Caves
  • Bioluminescence Night Tour
  • George Town
  • Mail a Post Card from Hell
  • Rum Point
  • East End
  • Island Hop to Little Cayman or Cayman Brac
  • Starfish Point
  • Blow Holes
  • Cayman Distilleries
  • Dolphins
  • Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park
  • Mastic Trail
  • Cayman Islands National Museum

Note: RedSail Sports offers many activities as well from renting kayaks to dinner cruises and everything in between.

You can book a tour with Captain Marvin’s and go swim in the Bio Bay.


The bus system is very easy and inexpensive to use. Walk in the direction you want to go on that side of the road and a bus will honk as they go by to see if you want to jump in. Cost is $2 CI ($2.50 USD) per person one way. You can go across the entire island via bus. See for more information and routes. You can easily get to George Town & Turtle farm via bus.

We have had good experiences with Budget & Apex. If using Budget, enter discount code crr23 valid until Dec 15, 2023. Budget has newer cars at competitive rates and Apex has slightly older cars at better rates but the discount will help narrow the gap. Andy’s is a cross between both. All three at the airport and Andy’s also has a location walking distance from our resort.

Yes, you can book a Meet & Greet service for $61 USD per person at least 48hrs before arrival to be greeted at the plane and fast track you through the CBC entry process and escort you to a taxi or direct you to your rental car agency.

Child car seats are not available in cabs. If you plan to rent a car, you could rent a seat if you book ahead. Alternatively, you can bring your car seat with you and use it in the cab or rental car.


As soon as you exit the airport terminal, there is a taxi stand where they dispatch fares – no need to pre-book. Rates average $25-$35 USD depending on number in party and amount of luggage.

Yes, check the following schedule Ferry Schedule

Cruise ships typically come in Tues-Fri, but can run 7 days a week. The weekends are generally much slower which is good to keep in mind when attending attractions. See port schedule below and enter your month.

You should be at the airport 2 hours prior to departure and a bit extra on the weekends.

Call 777-7777 and ask for a pickup approx. 45 minutes before needed.

There are two new apps being tested for taxis. The FLEX app is like Uber for Cayman Taxis. And CiGo ( is an app to calculate taxi fares between two addresses in Cayman.

Note: Elizabeth can arrange airport runs for competitive rates for guests who are leaving before 11am on a first come first served basis. If interested, please call her number on the fridge and confirm she has time as she might already be booked.