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Door Post

Last updated on January 27, 2023

Please remember to lock the top deadbolt and patio doors (brown patio doors have security pins to engage) on the patio doors when leaving the condo or when you are in for the night.

Check In:   4:00 pm

Check Out: 11:00 am

To check in/out earlier/later, please get prior approval from Marc Hubert.  If the unit is vacant before/after we will be happy to accommodate your request.  When we have arrivals & departures on the same day, we will not be able to change the posted check in/out times as the cleaning service requires the full five hours to prepare the unit for the next guest.  Thank you in advance for your understanding.  Please view our master calendar prior to making a request to ensure the extra time is available.

Door Lock Low Battery WARNING

In the event the batteries in the door lock are running low, there will be a slight delay after entering the correct 4 digit code followed by the  SCHLAGE button flashing RED then GREEN.  Upon the first RED/GREEN flashing instance, you will have approximately 10 successful opens before the system ceases operation.  Please report low batteries to the owners/managers immediately. Note: if the SCHLAGE button flashes RED ONLY and the lock does NOT OPEN, you have entered the wrong code.  Please try the sequence again before reporting low batteries.


Office – The front office is for property management of the complex and emergencies in the condos. Please direct all travel & non-emergency condo specific related inquires to Marc Hubert.

Noise – We have many residents & guests, please keep noise level down at all times.

Parking – Only park in your spot identified by the condo number.  If your spot is occupied by another vehicle, please report it to the office and security after hours at the above posted numbers.  Visitor parking is available on a first come first served basis in non-marked spaces.

Beach Area – Return all lounge chairs to the base of the seawall.  Do not take chairs into the water as this promotes premature damage.  Umbrellas & Chairs cannot be reserved, please remove your belongings when away for longer than two hours.

Garbage – Garbage from the unit needs to be removed and placed in the dumpster at the front of the complex, just south of the entrance from the road.  Recycle bins are also located to the right of the dumpster. Do not leave garbage bags on the walkways as this will result in a fine to the owner.

Guest Supplies – We provide some supplies to get you started, please purchase additional supplies at the grocery store.