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Do Not Feed Wildlife


DID YOU KNOW? Feeding fish and other marine animals is not only harmful, it is illegal! People often enjoy feeding marine wildlife because it allows them to have close contact with the animals, or because they believe they are helping them to survive. Providing marine animals with a human-supplied food source nearly always leads to problems for both the animals, the way the ecosystem functions, and also us humans. This is why:

  1. When young wild animals are taught to depend on a human-provided food source, they may not fully develop essential foraging skills;
  2. Wild animals who are used to being fed by humans commonly lose their fear of people (which makes them more easily caught or injured);
  3. The food humans usually feed to wild animals is often not nutritionally complete, and it can cause serious health problems for the animals;
  4. A constant, human-provided food source may serve to relocate animals from their natural habitat where they carry out important basic functions in the ecosystem (such as grazing algae or keeping other fish populations in check for example);
  5. If the fish and other animals are eating human-provided food, they are not eating what they should be eating on the reef and elsewhere, thus upsetting the food chain and the delicate balance of the ecosystem;
  6. Animals soon associate people (swimmers, snorkelers and divers) with an easy meal, leading to aggressive changes in their behaviour towards us;

Our marine animals do not need feeding. It is forbidden by law in order to protect both our precious environment and people.